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16245 Westside Hwy SW
Vashon, WA, 98070


The Vashon Green School is a place-based multi-age learning community located on 7 acres of farm and woodlands, on Vashon’s Westside. We offer a hands-on, hearts-on embodied curriculum rooted in practices that promote social intelligence and connection to the natural world. Our curriculum seeks to provide children with tools and support for living a full, balanced and creative life by giving equal value to each of the four windows of knowing: feeling, imagining, sensing and thinking. Mentors honor each child’s unique gifts and learning styles, supported by our small mentor-student ratio. VGS children, mentors and families journey together to create a learning community rooted in compassion, connection and gratitude.

2013-14 weekly snapshots

week ten and eleven: Raven Steals the Sun

Britt Freda

     The Solar System unit began with the story of How Raven Stole the Sun.  We learned about our Solar System through song, dance and book research. I assigned each child a planet and respective placement around a sun and then everyone revolved and spun in their orbit around the sun.  There was lots of laughter as we all got dizzy together in the frosty sun filled meadow.   We are learning lots of facts about time and space as we sing the newest song in the Homesteader repertoire, “The Galaxy Song.”‎. 

Afternoon activities for the week were a mix of sensory awareness games outdoors in the crisp clear air and cozy yurt time working with chalk pastels to create solar system illustrations based on each child’s individual understanding and imagination.