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16245 Westside Hwy SW
Vashon, WA, 98070


The Vashon Green School is a place-based multi-age learning community located on 7 acres of farm and woodlands, on Vashon’s Westside. We offer a hands-on, hearts-on embodied curriculum rooted in practices that promote social intelligence and connection to the natural world. Our curriculum seeks to provide children with tools and support for living a full, balanced and creative life by giving equal value to each of the four windows of knowing: feeling, imagining, sensing and thinking. Mentors honor each child’s unique gifts and learning styles, supported by our small mentor-student ratio. VGS children, mentors and families journey together to create a learning community rooted in compassion, connection and gratitude.

2013-14 weekly snapshots

week one: review

Britt Freda

Wow! What an amazing group of children that have come together here this year.  I am so excited to teach and learn with them.  This first week it is evident that they are reaching out to each other and bonding as a tribe.  In a magical way there is so much enthusiasm and identification with Homestead as their place.  

We jumped into plant cycles, visiting the mature plants that many of them helped seed last spring.  We harvested potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, broccoli, kale, onions and squash which, together, we cooked for our families for the equinox celebration.  Many of them participated in seeding, planting, tending, harvesting, cooking and feeding at the opposite end of the seasonal cycle. What a great beginning. 

We've begun work in their main lesson books with the sunflower story that highlighted "when something is gone a part of it always lives on." And the idea that seeds are both a connection to the past and the future.  I encourage parents to ask their children to share their stories from the week and to review their main lesson books in the yurt when ever you have a few extra moments at the end of a day.  

This week we started with math doing collaborative problem solving. Wednesday are our spanish immersion during snack and throughout the day.  As you know, they received their nature names and directions for the year.  Any additional research at home with respect to their songbird is great.

Thanks to all for an amazing equinox gathering!